Hands-Free Perio Charting That Actually Works!

No Voice Control Worries with Dental R.A.T.

Hygienists, experience the freedom of working at your own pace and when you are ready to perio chart, without waiting for assistance. Our innovation not only simplifies perio charting but also doubles as a fully functional mouse, all while maintaining the highest standards of cross-contamination prevention.

It's the perfect tool for both hygienists and dentists, revolutionizing the way dental practices operate!

Doctors, that's right, you too can use the Dental R.A.T. because it's just a mouse for your foot! Do everything you would normally do with your mouse but at the convenience of your foot. No cross-contamination worries!

Discover the best of both worlds today!

Young Specialties has partnered with Dencept Dental to distribute the Dental R.A.T.
We are proud to be exclusively partnering with Young Specialties to offer 
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That makes it only $1,445 until November 30th!!! Lowest price of the year!
Interested in learning more about the Dental R.A.T. and want to set up a meeting, click on the Calendly link below!

Or watch how the Dental R.A.T. works in different PMS. 


Why use a mouse, when you can use a Dental R.A.T. These are our DSO users, Coast Dental, CommuniCare and Summit Dental. Hands-free perio charting by foot!
Testimonial that found the Dental R.A.T. hands-free perio charting easy to learn and use!

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