Dental R.A.T.® Foot Operated Perio Charting

Foot Operated Perio Charting
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Dental R.A.T. (Remote Access Terminal)

Upgrade Your Dental Practice with Dental R.A.T. – Your Hands-Free, Foot Operated Perio Charting Solution

Transform your practice with the Dental R.A.T. - the revolutionary hands-free, foot-operated perio charting solution that empowers hygienists and boosts your office's efficiency. By enhancing office productivity, you'll pave the way for a more prosperous dental practice. Dental R.A.T. equips hygienists with the technology they need to chart without relying on others, enabling them to work at their own pace. It also removes cross contamination worries because it's a fully functioning mouse! That's right, it can be used by everyone in the operatory, it's not just for perio charting!

We understand that change can be challenging, especially if you've had a bad experience with voice in the past. But we're here to tell you that it's time to embrace a brighter future and seize new opportunities. Here's the best part: it's not voice controlled! This innovation is designed to empower dentists and hygienists alike. Say goodbye to the voice control concerns of the past and open the door to a world of innovation at your foot.

Dencept Dental provides a comprehensive training video series that is tailored to various popular periodontal software brands, demonstrating how seamlessly Dental R.A.T. integrates with your existing system. Additionally, when you acquire your Dental R.A.T., you'll receive personalized training and ongoing support.


  • Foot-operated (no voice commands required)
  • Compatible with all software
  • Easy to operation
  • Wireless convenience
  • Prevents cross-contamination, it's a fully functioning mouse!
  • No burdensome monthly subscriptions
  • Computer recognizes it as a second keyboard & mouse
  • Boosts production levels without the cost of an extra staff member

Experience improved perio efficiency and accuracy, harness the power to capture intraoral images and X-rays, and enjoy a remarkable return on your investment. Plus, benefit from our complimentary support and training, all with a wireless setup.

Rest easy with a 1-year warranty on your Dental R.A.T., with extended warranty options available.

Please note that Dental R.A.T. is exclusively available for direct purchase from the manufacturer, right here at

The month of September 2023, receive a free Blue Boa - Single Ended to try out with Hygoformics and Formajects!

Return policy:

Dental R.A.T. Return policy is 30 days with a 25% restock fee.

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