BLUE BOA: It’s a Life Preserver for Your “Drowning” Patients!

Hands-free saliva evacuation can improve the patient experience during any dental procedure or hygiene appointment and make the dentist’s and hygienist’s job much easier That’s exactly what BLUE BOA does!

In fact, BLUE BOA™ tubing is the most ergonomic, effective, and affordable solution for superior water control, isolation, and visual clarity available to dental professionals. BLUE BOA’s hands-free operation delivers diminished patient anxiety, reduced saliva and water splatter and increased clinician comfort – It’s a win-win!


The BLUE BOA™ is a hands free, lightweight, medical grade tubing that attaches directly into the HVE, high-volume evacuator. Blue Boa® tubing is reusable and is recommended to be sterilized after each use.


The BLUE BOA™ is used in conjunction with several disposable saliva ejectors: (1)The Hygoformic has a coil design with aspirating holes placed strategically to avoid tissue blockage. (2) The Otis Formeject is an adjustable plastic tube with a blue cushioned tip. (3) The traditional ¼” saliva ejector.


The BLUE BOA™ attaches directly to the HVE, high-volume evacuator. The other end works in conjunction with a saliva ejector. This lightweight design allows a clinician to work with both hands utilizing the 48" of tubing that will not kink!

Wish you had another hand hold your suction? With BLUE BOA, you don't need another hand. Hands-free suctioning means, water isn't going everywhere, no patient drowning, better ergonomics, less strain, and excellent isolation.



BLUE BOA™ is an ergonomic, flexible, FDA Class VI product, designed to assist dental professionals with efficient water and saliva evacuation. One end of the tubing attaches to the HVE (high volume evacuator), providing the highest suction capabilities available in dentistry.

The other end of the BLUE BOA™ adapter is used in conjunction with either the Orsing Hygoformic®, Crosstex® Freeform, or Otis Formeject® disposable saliva ejectors.

The BLUE BOA™ tube is lightweight, 1.3 ounces - the high-speed suction valve stays in the resting site, and allows a hygienist to work with both hands. Using a mirror, the clinician has excellent visual clarity and water control during ultrasonic scaling, as well as isolation during sealant placement.

The BLUE BOA™ isn't just for hygiene patients, it is also extremally valuable in any treatment that could benefit from dual suction.

BLUE BOA™ tubing is reusable and can be fully sterilized after each use.


Without BLUE BOA™ tubing, a hygienist using the Orsing Hygoformic®, Crosstex® Freeform, or Otis Formeject® disposable saliva ejector must use a short adaptor that fits into the slow-speed suction. As a result, the slow-speed suction is removed from the resting site and hangs from the patient’s mouth. This method weighs heavy on the patient’s cheek and lips, it displaces the saliva ejector, and only allows for low suction capabilities. The low suction tubing is normally not long enough to reach the patient’s mouth on either side.

The majority of hygienists hold the suction in one hand, and the ultrasonic scaler in the other hand, straining to see inaccessible areas. Other hygienists ask the patient to hold the suction tube while the hygienist works, and the patient is unable to keep the water cleared out effectively!

BLUE BOA™ Benefits:

  • Saliva and water control during ultrasonic scaling
  • Isolation during sealant placement
  • Ultrasonic scaling around orthodontic brackets
  • Ergonomic and effective water control
  • Anywhere a clinician could use dual suctioning.
  • Only weighs 1.3 oz, the patient won't feel it hanging from their cheek


"We’ve had the Blue Boa at Weber State University for 8 years. I was initially interested in it to help students with proper ergonomics and to help with patient comfort. It has fulfilled all of my expectations. I highly recommend it."

Shelly Costley, MEd, RDH

Associate Professor, Weber State University

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