“It’s a great hands-free device with audio feedback. A perio chart can be recorded alone without having to wait for a dental assistant to be available to type in numbers with a keyboard. Having this is a HUGE TIMESAVER and patients prefer it to track along on the computer screen.”

- Liz Kermarki


“I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful product! I simply LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I let a couple classmates try it out too in clinic last week and they also fell in love with it. The feedback from our patients was just as positive! Don’t be surprised but I bet you will be getting a few new orders… ? Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I am so very happy with my Blue Boa, you have changed my attitude about using an ultrasonic and again thank you so much for the student discount!”

- Kelly V.


“I ordered the Blue Boa a few years ago for another RDH and I to use along with our ultrasonics. We love them! Shortly after my first order the 3 doctors I work for also wanted them, so I ordered again. I am one of 7 dental hygienists at my office. Another hygienist has been trying mine when I’m not in the office and likes it too! So my most recent order was for her. Your Blue Boa has made my job easier and more comfortable. Thank You!”

- Erin P., RDH, BS

“The Blue Boa will transform the way you practice! I find that it is even better than working with an assistant for efficient and comfortable suctioning. It has saved me time and vastly improved my visibility while using my ultrasonic scaler. My patients love it as well!”

- Cathy D., RDH, MS

“I had a student use the Blue Boa you just sent us. She had a very difficult perio patient and was using the ultrasonic continuously. After having trouble with the saliva ejector for the first half of the appointment, she asked if she could set up the Blue Boa! Over the years, as long time clinicians, we instructors have passed on our own ‘techniques’. It is nice to offer one more!”

- Carol L., CDA, RDH, MHS


“I have been using the Blue Boa for about 6 months now and love it. There is more suction and it works great to be able to use the Boa on the high speed and still have the saliva ejector available for additional suctioning if needed during Cavitron and Prophy Jet use. The Boa is also light weight–not so much pull as it hangs on side of the cheek.”

- Gina H., RDH

Sheboygan, WI

“Today was my first day using the Blue Boa. I used it with the hygoformic saliva ejectors during 7 appointments that required using my ultrasonic. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! It made a dramatic difference in my day, no joking. Even my frail, jumpy 85 y/o perio patient with loads of debris was comfy and dry, while I could go to town with my ultrasonic. Every patient liked it and I am honestly so happy to be able to see everywhere in the mouth without soaking/drowning my poor patients or asking them to hold the suction (which seems to become even more of a struggle for most of them). Hooray! I will absolutely recommend this product to other hygienists. Thank you!!”

- Ashley J., RDH

“I used to pause before I used my ultrasonic…such a pain to use. With Blue Boa, I’m using my ultrasonic more than ever.”

- Kadell E., RDH

“Blue Boa far outweighed my expectations!”

- Ann P., RDH

“I have been using the Blue Boa for the past eight years. I would not want to work a day without it. The Blue Boa is like having a chairside assistant when I need extra help with suction for any procedure. I use the Blue Boa everyday while using my ultrasonic scaler. I tell patients that they are welcome to move it to any position in their mouth that makes them feel more comfortable. I have seen many anxious patients immediately become more relaxed because they feel like they can control the water that is in their mouths during the procedure. I also use the Blue Boa for sealant procedures, it helps keep the area I am working in completely dry for longer lasting sealants. Thanks Blue Boa for making my job easier!”

- Kelly H., RDH

“My back and neck used to ache from straining to see while using my ultrasonic. Now I sit up straight and use a mirror to see those difficult spots.”

- Annette V., RDH

“Blue Boa has made struggling with suction a thing of the past. Hands free scaling is a Hygienist’s dream come true. Thanks Blue Boa!”

- Peggy Benenato

Mountain View, CA

“The Blue Boa is as essential to my job as my loupes & headlight. I use it on every patient, every day. Its easy to use, easy to disinfect and it works just like it should. It makes my job so much easier and cuts the time Im using the ultrasonic in half. There is no need to have patients hold a suction or to clean one tooth and then have them close around a suction…the blue boa is truly a game changer. The best part is that patients dont feel like they are choking on water anymore! When I changed jobs and brought mine into my new office the other hygienists thought I was crazy, but then they saw me use it and were sold. Our dentist bought one for all of his hygienists. If you are using an ultrasonic and you have not tried this high powered suction, you are doing yourself and your patients a disservice.”

- Melissa Hooker

Nashville, TN

“The Blue Boa has changed my life as a dental hygienist. Ultrasonic instrumentation has been made easier because The Blue Boa acts as my third hand. I can’t live without it.”

- Linda M., RDH

“I use the Blue Boa daily and love it! I found if I attach it to my high speed suction, along with a disposable suction mirror, using my ultrasonic is heaven! One day I tried working without it; NEVER again!!! My patients have even commented that it was “nicer” than having the “other suction” hanging from their mouth. I am totally sold!”

- Susan B., RDH, MSEd

New York

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