Dencept Dental has acquired Beckmer Products, the developer of the Dental R.A.T.™™ 2.0., and the Boomer The Foot Mouse. Becky Logue the passion behind Beckmer spent years dedicated to alternative hands-free solutions.  Dencept believes in improving lives; Dental R.A.T.™, The Blue Boa, Boomer The Foot Mouse do just that!

Dencept Dental plans to continue growing products that improve the lives of patients, staff, challenged and everyone that we can assist.

Becky Logue of Beckmer Products Inc. invented and developed some great products that make a difference. She was a hygienist that had struggled and invented a solution. We saw the value in what her passion created and are excited to take it to another level. Her design has continued to evolve and is more relevant today than it was 18 years ago.  

In November of 2022 Dencept Industries, LLC acquired the rights and designs for production of Beckmer Products including, The Dental R.A.T.™, Boomer The Foot Mouse and The Blue Boa product line. Our products are high quality and proudly made in the USA! We believe in stellar customer service and solutions that help people preserve their bodies with assistive ergonomics. Workers’ compensation costs are soaring, and ergonomic legislation continues to develop.

Our Customers are at the Heart of all we do!

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