Shouldn’t Your GPO Offer Hands-Free Dental Devices?

As a group purchasing organization or buying group, you may always be searching for useful products that can help your member practices be more efficient and successful. Why not expand your product line to include industry-leading hands-free dentistry products from Dencept Dental?

Our products include legendary hands-free dental innovations such as the Dental R.A.T.™ hands-free perio charting system, the  BLUE BOA™  hands-free saliva and water evacuation solution and the Boomer the Foot Mouse.

Couldn’t your clients benefit from these hands-free, efficient and ergonomic products? We think so. To learn more about working with Dencept, call 877-278-0061 or email

Why partner with Dencept?
We believe in, excellence through innovation and efficiency.
Ergonomic tools reduce the risk workplace injuries, lost time and staff fatigue. Our products are centered around ergonomics.
Our products support independence in the operatory.
Improved staff retention through better ergonomics and technology will improve patient retention.
Our products are made in America
Contact us to learn more, 877-278-0061 or email

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