Dental R.A.T: The Original Hands-Free Perio Charting System

In a time where periodontal disease is present in 80% of patients, and post pandemic staffing is a challenge, Dental R.A.T delivers improved efficiency and profitability. Hygiene is the hidden gem for increasing practice production and can make a difference of $35K per hygienist per year if you can increase revenue by $150 per day for each hygienist.

This revenue goal is achievable when your practice adopts a strong perio program focus, and you also deploy hands-free perio charting technology so that your hygienists do not require waiting for an assistant to help them input perio pocket depths into a chart.

Hands Free Perio Charting

Hands-free perio charting means you free up your assistants and run a more efficient office. Improving office productivity will result in a more successful practice!

We have video training  for the most requested periodontal software brands to see how the Dental R.A.T.™ works. Demos also available, find them in our store. 


Runs with your existing software

Simple to operate

Wireless or can be run wired

Eliminates cross contamination

No monthly subscription

Increase production

Improve charting efficiency & accuracy

Runs intraoral camera/xrays

High ROI

Free support & training

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