Blue Boa is the perfect companion to a hygienist. .

No More Drowning!

The BLUE BOA enables hands-free suctioning allowing a clinician to use a mirror and a handpiece without drowning the patient. This is critical especially when working without an assistant. The BLUE BOA tubing is the most ergonomic, effective, and affordable solution for water control, isolation and visual clarity available to dental professionals.

How Does It Work?

One end of the BLUE BOA tubing attaches to the HVE (high volume evacuator), providing the highest suction capabilities available in it's class. The other end of the BLUE BOA adapter is used in conjunction with several disposable saliva ejectors, suction mirrors and tips. The BLUE BOA  adapts to the the high-speed suction valve, which stays in the resting site and allows a clinician to work with both hands. Using a mirror with the BLUE BOA, gives the  clinician excellent visual clarity and posture during instrumentation. The BLUE BOA tubing is reusable and can be fully sterilized after each use. 

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Commonly Used Suction Tips

BLUE BOA SE (Single Ended)

  • Orsing Hygoformic® (Available in our store)
  • Crosstex® Freeform
  • Otis Formeject® (Available in our store)
  • eBite Plus Bite Block

BLUE BOA DE (Double Ended)

  • Traditional ¼” Saliva Ejector
  • Suction Mirror (Available in our store)
  • Jawdropper™ Mouth Prop

For the Hygienist:
BLUE BOA provides ideal saliva and water control during ultrasonic scaling. It also delivers superior isolation for procedures such as sealants. In addition, it is very easy to use all while giving the patient the best experience and comfort. 

For the Orthodontist:
Isolation is essential during bracket placement. The BLUE BOA adapter oftentimes attaches to the current mouth prop system used in orthodontics. 

For the Dentist:
The BLUE BOA maintains isolation while the chair side assistant is mixing cement, holding a curing light, or attending to other duties outside of suctioning. Ideal for restorations, veneers, crown & bridge, laser dentistry, implants, and digital impressions.

For the Pedodontist:
The saliva ejectors that are utilized with the BLUE BOA adapter are low profile and very comfortable for pediatric patients. The BLUE BOA provides excellent evacuation coupled with the HVE. Sealants and posterior composite isolation is dramatically improved.

For the Endodontist:
Endodontists using a rubber dam achieve excellent isolation. But patients sometimes still don’t want to swallow. With the BLUE BOA adapter and the low profile saliva ejector, you can place it under the rubber dam and allow the patient to control the on/off switch to the suction.

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