Foot operated hands-free mouse so easy to use, you already know how!

Boomer is the world’s first wireless, fully functional foot mouse, no hands required!

If you’ve used a regular computer mouse and have a foot, then you already know how to use Boomer the foot mouse.

No Hands Required!
Left/Right Click
Adjustable Mouse Cursor
Easy to use
Bluetooth Wireless
For PC, Mac and Tablet

Hands busy? Put your feet to work

Boomer the foot mouse is ideal for accessing a computer when your hands are busy.

Environments that have multiple users and need sterilization between users
Recommended by ergonomic specialists worldwide
Injury prevention or workplace modification
Computer programming or gaming

World’s first hands-free mouse

If you have difficulty using hands or arms to run a regular hand mouse then why not put your feet to work with Boomer the foot mouse.

Carpal tunnel, hand, neck, or shoulder pain making a mouse painful
Stroke, ALS or other medical issues that make using a computer mouse difficult
Missing limbs
Therapy to work on foot control/movement

Foot Mouse Specifications

PC & Mac
Elastomer Rubber top input discs for ease of cleaning
Wireless Bluetooth
Rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom
Rechargeable battery
18 degree angle oriented to the user
Raised tabs on mouse disc for tactile feedback

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