Otis Formeject® Soft Tip, Bendable Saliva Ejector

Soft Tipped Suctioning
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Otis Formeject® Soft Tip, Bendable Saliva Ejector

The Otis Formeject is a pliable saliva evacuator tube, featuring an embedded wire for maintaining customized bends. Its gentle cushioned tip ensures comfort when working near delicate tissue.

When paired with the Blue Boa SE, it enhances the Formeject's performance by connecting it to the HVE (High Volume Evacuator) rather than the low vacuum. The tip is thoughtfully engineered to effectively exclude mucous tissue while accommodating user-defined bends.

Please be aware that locating the Otis Formeject can be challenging due to limited manufacturing availability.

Disposable–100 pcs/bag

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