Orsing Hygoformic® Bio "Sugarcane"

Supercharge Suction, Try Them With Blue Boa
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Orsing Hygoformic® Bio "Sugarcane"

The Orsing Hygoformic® boasts a coil design featuring strategically placed aspirating holes to prevent tissue blockage. Its adaptable shape ensures a comfortable fit within the patient's mouth, and it is now exclusively offered in a biodegradable light green variant made from sugarcane.

This highly flexible plastic tube can be easily shaped to accommodate cheek or sublingual placement and is ideal for various purposes.

Please note that the Orsing Hygoformic® is now exclusively available in the biodegradable green variant, as opposed to the white color depicted.

When used in conjunction with the Blue Boa, it enhances suction, especially when connected to the HVE (High Volume Evacuator). It's important to exercise caution when bending to avoid crimping the tube closed.

Disposable—100 pcs/bag.

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