Hager - Double Sided Suction Mirror

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Hager - Double Sided Suction Mirror

This double-sided mouth mirror provides excellent suction attached to the HVE. It is autoclavable and fits the double ended BLUE BOA™* or DE. Replacement mirror heads can be ordered through Hager Worldwide.

  • Each mirror is double sided & has 4 2mm holes.
  • Great to use with a low vac in the cheek to be able to get double the suction- it is not an 8mm lumen but is great in conjunction with other saliva ejectors without having to change your routine.
  • Meets requirement to use H.V.E. suction when creating aerosols.
  • Provides high-volume evacuation, tongue guard, and cheek retraction in one instrument.
  • Safe to use in ultrasonic Cleaner or Instrument Washer.

*BLUE BOA™ DE(Double Ended) sold separately.

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