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Please Note - Demo orders can only be processed once we receive your credit card by phone in case, we don't get it back. We will contact you at the number that you provide.


Runs with your existing software, Simple to operate, Wireless, Eliminates cross contamination, No monthly subscription, Increase production

Improve perio efficiency & accuracy, Runs intraoral camera/x-rays, Provides high return on investment, Free support & training, and Wireless.

Dental R.A.T. Comes with a 1-year warranty and is only sold direct from the manufacturer, found here at

Interested in a Demo? A demo consists of 2 weeks using the Dental R.A.T. in office. At the end of your demo, you can return the demo unit. If you decide to purchase a Dental R.A.T., you can keep the demo until your R.A.T. is delivered. You will be credited the $250 towards a new Dental R.A.T.

Demo units are not available outside of the United States. Email: to learn about programs available in your country.

You placed your order for a demo, here's what to expect next: we will contact you to secure a credit card number to hold until you return the Demo Dental R.A.T. Once we ship your Dental R.A.T. out, we will email you training information and look for a date to do training/set up. While Dental R.A.T. is easy to use and set up, we want to make sure that you have the smoothest set-up possible. At the end of the 2 weeks, you will ship the demo back by using a paid shipping label. If you decide to purchase your own Dental R.A.T., we will do our best to allow you to keep the demo until yours arrives.

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