New Xylitol Candy – Ice Chips!

BY: thayne
POSTED April 22, 2013 IN
We are super excited to be able to offer Ice Chips xylitol candy at our booth now!  We saw the ladies on Shark Tank and then ran into Charlotte after the Oregon meeting.  What a treat, literally:))
So we get to have a couple fun products at our booth!  These Ice Chips taste like candy, but no sugar, or carbs and they are good for us, they are great for our diabetic patients and patients with dry mouth and help to decrease cavities by eating the strep mutans- but you probably already knew that, I think they taste good:))
So the next dental meeting you get to go to come see us and check out the ice candy and our favorite foot mouse :))
And if you ever want any or to resell them in your office go to and you can use our code: BLDR or mention Dental R.A.T.™
Dentalrat - Xylitol Candy


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