My first Assistive Technology meeting (ATIA) and foot mouse Boomer

BY: thayne
POSTED February 10, 2015 IN

As I’m flying home from Orlando this weekend from my first Assistive Technology meeting (ATIA) I’ve sure got a lot to process. This was our first meeting for our new foot mouse Boomer. I’ve always thought that our patent & foot operated mouse would be so handy for so many people that have a hard time using a hand mouse but I had no idea that I would learn so much in the process. There are so many products made to help so many people from allowing people to use a computer from a bed to helping people with Alzheimer’s and I saw several people with their seeing eye dogs beside them. I found that there was a lot of heart in this Assistive technology industry, these are hardworking people that try to figure out what is going to help their students or patients!

I was very excited at the interest we had in Boomer, there wasn’t anything like our foot mouse, there are foot switches & on off switches, but nothing like our wireless foot mouse! We even found that the Dental R.A.T.™ might have a place in assistive technology as it has numbers that can be programmed to a computer or tablet for different shortcuts like turning on a light or the tv or different macros on the computer. And many people told us that they didn’t think it had to be ran by a foot that the mouse could be ran with the hand or arm for someone with just limited movement. Everyone liked how modern Boomer looked and thought that adults and kids would love to use it too! They loved how it would run a Mac or PC and being wireless was a hit too!

I’m anxious to get Boomer The Foot Mouse to market and get testimonials loaded soon!!

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