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Please Note - Demo orders can only be processed by calling 877-278-0061 or by placing the order and we will contact you.

Demo cost is $250 but goes toward the purchase if you decide to buy one.


Runs with your existing software, Simple to operate, Wireless, Eliminates cross contamination, No monthly subscription, Increase production

Improve perio efficiency & accuracy, Runs intraoral camera/x-rays, Provides high return on investment, Free support & training, and


Dental R.A.T. 2.O - Comes with a 1 year warranty

A demo consists of 2 weeks in off to use it and see how see the Dental R.A.T. system works in action.

At the end of your demo, you can return the demo unit. If you decide to purchase a Dental R.A.T., you can keep the demo until your R.A.T. is delivered. You will be credited the $250 towards a new Dental R.A.T. or a Reconditioned Dental R.A.T. if one is available.

Demo units are not available outside of the United States. Email: to learn about programs available in your country.

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