At Dencept Dental, we know the challenges you are facing and how critical it is to have the right partners. We have years of experience working with DSOs of all sizes and are here to help! We offer special pricing and programs geared specifically to your DSOs needs.

Dencept recognizes that emerging to mid-market DSOs have different goal, challenges and processes than large DSOs.  We see DSOs growing faster than ever before. Now more than ever it's critical to align with partners that support you and want to help you increase your ROI. Staff retention is a key element of patient retention. Invest in your staff by giving them the tools to work using ergonomically designed equipment.

Our Dental R.A.T.™ and  BLUE BOA are depended on worldwide!

Why should a DSO partner with Dencept?
Our commitment to efficiency through innovation.
Implementation, training and growth with you in mind. We create a program as unique as your group.
Emerging, mid-market, and large groups will all have different needs, we are here to work as partners.
Ergonomic tools reduce the risk of workplace injuries, lost time and staff fatigue.
Special pricing programs offered to DSOs.
Made in the USA.


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